Wanita Umno delegate calls for raising voting age to 23

PETALING JAYA: Kedah Wanita Umno leader Datuk Norma Awang (pix) called for the government to raise the voting age to 23 as she believes 18-year-olds lack maturity.

The Umno Jerai delegate said that 18- year-olds do not possess the maturity to understand the mechanisms of the elections, democratic system, voting and how their ballots can affect the outcome of the country’s government and policies, according to FMT’s report.

“Thus, we urge the lawmakers and Umno’s representatives in the government to raise the voting age once more,” she said during a debate at the Wanita Umno wing meeting

Norma added that since Barisan Nasional was not ‘hip’ enough to appeal to the younger age group, it was one of the reasons Umno lost during the 15th General Elections.

She also said that their Western peers should not be compared to the 18 year olds in this country. Norma then claimed that many 18 year old in Western countries are already pursuing their Master’s and PhDs.

In contrast to Malaysia, she stated they are probably busy “getting addicted to ketum leaves, Tik-Toking and experiencing puppy love”.

“In Malaysia, many 18-year-olds are even still relying on their parents to buy their underwear. They’ve only just finished their SPM examination,” she explained.

Norma added that the voting age in Malaysia should be raised to 23 where most voters should have completed their undergraduate studies.

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