Seven fraud cases promising release of detainees recorded in Melaka last year

MELAKA: The Melaka police recorded seven cases of fraud by parties promising the release of police detainees last year, with losses totalling RM165,000.

Melaka Commercial Crime Investigation Department (JSJK) chief Supt E Sundra Rajan said three similar cases were recorded so far this year, involving losses of RM44,000.

He said the latest case involving a housewife occurred yesterday, in which the victim lost RM9,000 after being deceived on the phone by an individual disguised as ‘Sergeant Hairol’ asking for an inducement to release her husband from lock-up, who was detained for the possession of contraband cigarettes.

“The suspect claimed that he was the investigating officer for the case and then offered to release the 26-year-old victim’s husband from the Tampin District Police Headquarters (IPD) lockup without any further action, but with some payment.

“The victim agreed and made a transaction amounting to RM9,000 into the bank account given by the suspect and after payment was made, the woman waited for her husband at the IPD, but her husband was still not released,“ he said in a statement here, today.

Sundra Rajan said the victim then inquired about the matter with the personnel there, but was informed that she had been deceived. She then contacted ‘Sergeant Hairol’ again, but the call was blocked.

“The police found that the victim’s husband was indeed detained at the Tampin IPD lockup for the said offence. The victim had lodged a police report at the Pulau Sebang Police Station, Alor Gajah and the case is being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code,“ he said.

He said the public was advised not to believe in individuals disguised as police officers offering to release any lock-up detainees and to check the phone number in question via the ‘Semak Mule CCID’ application. — Bernama

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