Schools can choose from three operating models when reopening, says Education Ministry

PETALING JAYA: Schools have the liberty to choose the model of operation that suits them best once they are allowed to reopen for other students, says the Education Ministry.

Deputy director-general (school operation sector) Adzman Talib (pic) said the ministry has proposed three models of operation.

This is important in ensuring all students can return to school, he added.

“The maximum capacity (of students) in a class with social distancing depends on how suitable the classroom is or the space used.

“Because of social distancing measures, not all schools are able to accommodate the large number of students they have.

“Therefore, the ministry is recommending three school reopening operating models which schools can choose from, depending on their student capacity,” he said in a circular dated June 26.

A source from the National Union of the Teaching Profession has confirmed the circular, saying that the ministry is engaging with relevant authorities on the matter.

Model 1 recommends schools to conduct lessons within one session.

This option is for schools that are able to accommodate all their students and schools that choose this model will operate as usual, Adzman said.

Model 2 recommends a dual session for schools that aren’t able to accommodate all their students in one session, while Model 3 recommends a rotational system.

Model 3, Adzman said, should be the last option if schools tried but failed to operate under Model 2.

“Students in Forms One to Four (under Model 3) must be rotational according to their classes and streams.

“However, if schools have enough space, priority will be given to Form Four students to attend school every day.

“For primary school pupils, those Years One to Six can attend school on a rotational basis as well,” he stated, adding that for both secondary and primary schools, the school can decide the appropriate rotation for the students.

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