Police have identified woman’s body found in the bushes near Marang

KUALA TERENGGANU: Police have identified the body of a woman found in the bushes near the Kampung Alor Gali road heading to Wakaf Tapai in Marang, last Thursday.

Marang police chief DSP Mohd Zain Mat Dris said in a statement today that the identity of the dead woman was Zarina Mukhtar, 57, and the identity was based on her fingerprint that was archieved from the National Registration Department.

Mohd Zain said a suspect believed to have been involved in the case was arrested an expected to be brought to the Marang Magistrates court tomorrow to obtain a remain order.

Last Thursday, the body of Zarina was found by members of the public who were looking for Palas leaves (Licuala Grandis) in the area.

Mohd Zaid said there were no signs of any struggle or blood stains when the body was found and forensic report showed that there were no slash marks or stab marks.

Even gold ornaments that the victim was wearing, especially a ring and chain were intact on the body. -Bernama

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