Penang FAMA takes proactive steps to ensure food security

KEPALA BATAS: The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) has taken proactive steps in improving agrofood marketing by organising the My Best Buy and direct sales from farm (JTDL) programmes at the Ibadur Rahman Mosque grounds, in Kepala Batas today.

State FAMA director, Mohd Azraie Ramli said this proactive step was taken to meet the high demand for eggs, while also reducing the complaints of consumers who are facing difficulties in obtaining supplies of basic necessities.

“The main purpose of this programme is to give local residents the opportunity to buy agrofood products such as eggs, vegetables, fruit, fish, fresh chicken and other daily necessities.

“In addition, this programme is also held to promote eggs as one of the efforts to deal with the issue of egg supply in Penang,” he told reporters here today.

Mohd Azraie said as a measure to overcome the shortage in supply of eggs in the market, a total of 500 egg trays, consisting of grade A, B, C and omega eggs, were sold today.

“All eggs sold here today, are produced by local breeders,” he said.

He added that the implementation of the JTDL programme can help reduce the cost of living for the people, especially in the agriculture-based food component.

He said FAMA, as the agency responsible for marketing agricultural produce, will ensure that food supply from the agriculture sector will always be available in the market. – Bernama

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