PDRM: Fake Bank Negara apps and websites cost victims RM5.2mil in losses

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) said it has recorded 128 Macau scam cases involving fake Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) apps and websites, with losses amounting to more than RM5.2mil from April 1 to Nov 25, 2020.

Fake BNM apps recorded 105 cases with losses totalling RM4.8mil, while websites impersonating BNM recorded 23 cases amounting to RM411,000 in losses.

Based on images shared by PDRM, fake BNM websites will feature links like “www.bnm-govinfo.com” while the authentic BNM website’s link is “bnm.gov.my”.

On Nov 25, a Twitter user with the handle azaliaspn posed a question to BNM, claiming that she had received a call from BNM asking to protect her bank accounts. She was then given a link to an app called myBNM to perform the procedure.

BNM responded that the call is an impersonation scam, adding that it will never call users on matters related to their bank accounts.

BNM also said that the myBNM app is no longer in service.

“Kindly do not click on the link and do not share any personal info including bank details or password/PIN/TAC,” BNM wrote in the post.

According to a report in Sinar Harian, scammers would attempt to fool victims by claiming to be a police or bank officer. Victims will then be asked to download a fake BNM app or log into a website to fill in their bank details as part of a process to ‘resolve’ a banking issue.

One victim claimed he lost RM33,000 after being told to input his personal banking details into a fake BNM website.

The National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) has posted an alert detailing how scammers can access victims’ online bank accounts after getting them to download a malicious app bearing BNM’s logo.

PDRM has urged members of the public to carefully assess the details of any mobile apps or websites bearing similarities to banking, judiciary or enforcement agencies.

If they have any enquiries or complaints related to online scams, members of the public are urged to contact the Commercial Crime Investigation Dept at 03-2610 159 or 013-2111 222.

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