Increase Malaysia’s judges’ retirement age to 70 instead of 65, Malaysian Bar proposes

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 9 — Malaysia should allow its judges to retire at the later age of 70 instead of the current constitutional age limit of 65, the Malaysian Bar proposed today.

Malaysian Bar president Karen Cheah noted that many other countries have set the retirement age for judges at 70 years old, and that some countries have proposed for the retirement age to be increased to 75 or even 80 years old.

“Another important reform which the Malaysian Bar believes will strengthen the judiciary and retain the nation’s talent is to increase the age of retirement of judges to 70. The current age of retirement for judges stands at 65 under Article 125 of the Federal Constitution,” she said in her speech at the Opening of the Legal Year 2023 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

“The Malaysian Bar urges the government to make constitutional amendments to give effect to this important reform,” she added.


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