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PROFESSIONAL design student Oarabile Nchalupi has come up with a digital permit that can be safely, securely and cost-effectively used amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 23-year-old Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Botswana campus student said he got the idea after realising that the Botswana Government was still using the traditional method of authorising permits for citizens to move about.

“Using knowledge I acquired about bank note security from the university, I thought of developing a PDF digital permit with security features and an authorisation security code.

“The permit is accessible through WhatsApp which most people have. So any WhatsApp user can easily get a permit from the comfort of their own homes,” he said, adding that the digital permit has more than 10 security features which are similar to those used on bank notes. This is to prevent unauthorised duplication.

“I’ve also created another version which allows student volunteers to edit and apply for the permit via WhatsApp on behalf of a group of people in a district so that they won’t have to all crowd together at the district councils to submit their application individually.”

The digital permit, he said, could be developed for use by administrators who issue the permits if a select group of people in each district is given the authority to act on behalf of the district commissioner.

A digital permit can help ensure social distancing, better time management and strategic monitoring, he said. A mobile app for the permit is being developed by his fellow student, Frank Manyuwa, who majors in software engineering.

Proud of the students’ initiative and ability to be innovative, Limkokwing Design Innovation Faculty senior manager Otsile Molome said capable young talents should be embraced.

“Limkokwing is exploring ways to assist the students in finalising their design and to reach out to more people,” he added.

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