Hassan urged to quit as Sebatik rep

Warisan is demanding former rep Hassan A. Gani Pg Amir to honour his pledge and quit his position as Sebatik assemblyman since he declared himself government-friendly independent.

A video of his pledge and the signing of his pre-resignation letter taken last September before the Sabah election was reproduced by the party today.

Warisan president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said Hassan should honour his pledge, adding that he also signed the same document.

“All our election candidates took the pledge on video before the election and before the presence of lawyers.

“We did not force anyone to take the pledge. But given that Hassan had done so, it is best for him to relinquish his post,” said Shafie.

He added that Warisan is planning to send Hassan’s document to the office of the state assembly, governor’s office and Election Commission.

Efforts to reach out Hassan, a first-time assemblyman, have gone unanswered since his departure from Warisan on February 25.

Shafie said: “Hassan did not have the courtesy of informing me that he was leaving. I tried to call him but he did not pick up my call.”

He held a press conference on Hassan’s departure here today.

Also present were the Warisan deputy president Datuk Darell Leiking, vice-presidents Datuk Jaujan Sambokong, Datuk Junz Wong, Datuk Peter Anthony, and youth chief Datuk Azis Jamman, as well as the party’s remaining seven MPs and 21 assemblymen.

Shafie said the party will also consider legal action against Hassan if he refuses to honour his pledge while taking a swipe at the ruling parties, accusing them of setting the wrong priorities.

“When the country is still battling a pandemic with more than 700,000 people jobless, there is money to ‘buy elected reps’.

“It’s not just Hassan, all of our YBs have been enticed to switch sides; some, I heard, to the tune of millions of ringgit.”

To this, Shafie also defended himself over those who switched sides to support the Warisan Plus alliance in the 2018 general election.

He said he did not offer money to United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation president Wilfred Madius Tangau and other Umno leaders to defect. -The Vibes

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