Get world-class education without ever leaving home

EVEN if you could study overseas, the question is… would you really want to right now?

With governments the world over still grappling with the insidious impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, all sectors are affected and trying to find a sustainable way forward.

But time waits for no man. People, especially undergraduates and postgraduates, cannot afford to put their future on pause and bide their time until the pandemic ends.

Therein lies the dilemma: students want the very best overseas education, but with safety concerns and heavy costs, most would think twice.

As such, bringing one of the world’s leading brands to Malaysia and offering world-class education within the security and safety of familiar surroundings is an opportunity many families are keen to explore further.

To enjoy the safety and the support of the family network, while still obtaining a full degree from a world-class university and setting your future on a bright course is the unique opportunity that Sunway University offers.

Benefit from the Sunway-Lancaster experience

One of the main considerations when it comes to tertiary education is undoubtedly the cost, especially during these unprecedented times, which affects all students, even those with excellent results.

That’s why the unique partnership between Sunway University and Lancaster University offers the ideal solution at the perfect time.

The Sunway-Lancaster experience offers students two degrees for the price of one – one from Sunway University and a top 10 ranked UK degree from Lancaster University, the International University of the Year 2020.

This means that students can benefit from obtaining globally recognised qualifications right here on Malaysian shores, without having to deal with the headaches and risks involved in overseas travels and studies, as well as the heavy financial burden associated with unfavourable exchange rates.

According to Sunway University vice chancellor Professor Graeme Wilkinson, “This gives our students the best possible career start and is just one of the reasons why we are always ranked among the best Asian universities for graduate employment.

“Lancaster was our obvious partner because it’s a young institution that has made that journey, and the partnership is a major factor that has helped us to get into the top 2% of world universities so quickly.”

The focus on graduate employability is reflected in the choice of Sunway University-Lancaster University courses, which present the very latest in industry-focused subject matters, in line with market demands.

For undergraduates, you can choose from bachelor’s degree courses across the disciplines of business, arts and the sciences, including specialisations such as entrepreneurship, design communication and biology with psychology and even information systems (mobile computing) with entrepreneurship.

If you’re seeking to pursue your post-graduate studies, it also offers master’s degrees in business administration, marketing, life sciences, information systems and computer science.

Sunway University’s commitment to continuously offering relevant quality education can be seen, as they relentlessly develop more new degree programmes such as its joint Master of Business Administration to upgrade the skills and capacity of working adults, as well as expanding its student and staff exchange programmes, according to Prof Wilkinson.

The Sunway University-Lancaster University partnership offers two degress for graduates at the price of one.The Sunway University-Lancaster University partnership offers two degress for graduates at the price of one.

With regards to nation building, the Sunway-Lancaster Future Cities Research Institute will bring some of the world’s leading scholars together, whilst attracting some of the world’s best professors to help produce Malaysia’s next generation of leaders.

He shared, “Through the generosity of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation we’ve launched the joint Sunway-Lancaster Future Cities Research Institute with an initial investment of over RM50mil to bring some of the world’s leading scholars together.”

Prof Wilkinson added that initiatives like these are what enable Sunway to attract some of the world’s leading academic talents to Malaysia, as more than 50% of its professors are international academics from the world’s most famous universities and complement high standard local academics.

Sunway University has developed a strong reputation for bringing together some of the world’s leading education brands to Malaysia and to a unique campus located at Sunway City, which is poised to become the first fully integrated 5G-enabled smart city in the country.

Sunway City is poised to become the first fully integrated 5G-enabled smart city in the country.Sunway City is poised to become the first fully integrated 5G-enabled smart city in the country.

In partnership with the world

Sunway University’s prestigious collaboration with leading international brands isn’t just exclusive to Lancaster University.

Sunway University also partners with the world’s most prestigious education brands, including University of Cambridge, Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of California, Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, alongside renowned institutions such as Lancaster University UK, Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Alibaba Business School.

Sunway brings the best of global education to Malaysian shores.Sunway brings the best of global education to Malaysian shores.

Its search to bring the finest educational opportunities to Malaysia is part of its nation building ambitions and in line with Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s vision to become a global top 100 institution within the next decade.

The partnerships with these recognised education brands speaks volumes on their confidence in Sunway University’s credibility and the level of quality education it provides, and a huge compliment to the institution’s rapid success.

So, if you’re keen to get the very best of global education without having to risk the uncertainty of your health and safety, then the team at Sunway University might just have the perfect solution.

Benefit from quality education, two degrees for the price of one with certain Lancaster programmes and the unique opportunity to experience the best the world has to offer, conveniently located right here within Klang Valley.

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