Devastated flood victims forced to remain at PPS while waiting for help

JERTIH: Taking shelter at the temporary relief centre (PPS) for an extended period is the only option available for some evacuees whose homes that they have lived in for decades were swept away or damaged by the recent floods.

“Where else am I going to stay after my rental house was badly damaged and swept away… Even if I want to stay at my parent’s house, their situation is not any better,” said Norul Shahida Mohamad, 38, as she expressed her sadness remembering the fate that befell her and her family.

Norul Shahida is one of 53 flood evacuees from 12 families who are forced to take shelter at the PPS Masjid Kampung La for an extended period as their homes were badly damaged or swept away by the big flood that hit the state on Dec 18.

“I hope and pray that someone will come forward to offer help, including housing assistance even if it is only a small house, it will still be okay for our family,” she said.

She said that her family could not afford to build their own house as she only sells kuih (snacks) with the help of her husband, Sairin Tuah, 37, to earn a living and the couple has three children, aged four to 11.

Also experiencing the same fate is Maziah Awang Long, 62, who has been staying at the PPS with her seven family members for the past 12 days after their house was badly damaged by the floods.

“Although most of the victims have returned to their respective homes, my family continues taking shelter here as our house was badly damaged.

“The kitchen part of the house collapsed and the toilet was damaged. If I go back, how will I clean and repair the damaged toilet and the house is still filled with mud,” she said.

Maziah also said that she lives in the house with her family members including a four-month-old granddaughter.

She added that her relatives’ houses which are located nearby also suffered the same fate, causing them unable to give shelter to her family.

“As of now, I am not sure if there is anyone out there who will help repair our house or not… We are unable to repair the house in the near future for sure,” said Maziah who kept herself busy helping volunteers cook for the residents in PPS to take her mind off her problems.

The floods that hit Terengganu on Dec 18 were described as the worst flooding ever hit the state when more than 40,000 residents in all districts in the state were affected and had to be evacuated to PPS. – Bernama

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